1. Industrial Sectional Overhead Door

    Industrial Sectional Overhead Door

    Industrial sectional overhead door , Insulated panels and special rubber seals protect against temperature variations and bad weather. Both manual and motorized models conform to the strictest accident prevention standards. The guide system is noiseless and frictionless, thanks to its accurate mechanical design. Industrial sectional overhead door can be operated high speed up...
  2. Dock Leveller and Looding Systems

    Dock Leveller and Looding Systems

    The dock leveler bridges the gap and levels out the difference in height between vehicle beds and the building floor. The choice of dock leveler is normally based on some basic conditions: Building design, traffic intensity, type of vehicles, bed heights and the handling equipment used for loading and unloading. Mobile loading yard ramp also knows as Portable Steel Yard Ramps make unloading trucks and railcars easy. Quickly unload freight where no dock access exists.Portable Yard Ramps facilitate unloading safely and efficiently.
  3. Pvc Fabric High speed and Hanger Door

    Pvc Fabric High speed and Hanger Door

    The speed of the pvc fabric high speed door and the opening/closing automatism allow a continuous and quick use of the passage, avoiding expensive thermal exchanges between inside and outside. Stong wind resistance. The Pvc fabric is reinforced with metallic bars put into the horizontal compartments of the doors, to contrast wind force, above all in the case of doors with big dimensions. These reinforcements...
  4. Sliding Entrance Door

    Sliding Entrance Door

    Sliding Entrance Door combines architectural beauty with the highest degree of flexibility. From saving energy costs to the use ofintelligent safety features, every aspect of this sliding door is designed to fulfill the needs of our customers. The variety of configurations enables us to offer you a suitable entrance solution for almost any building. You will often find our doors in offices, hotels, supermarkets &...
  5. Automation for Gates and Doors

    Automation for Gates and Doors

    The fast automatic barriers are the ideal solution when you need to control and select roads and parking areas in residential and collective settings
  6. Sliding Gate Automation

    Sliding Gate Automation

    You know the situation only too well: it's raining, you have to get out of the car, open the gate, get back into the car, drive through the gateway...
  7. Swing Gate Automation

    Swing Gate Automation

    A revolutionary operA revolutionary operator, designed for residential and apartment block swing gates, where system safety is the main feature for choosing the system. Its careful design and attention to detail confer it an exclusive line.

SPM automatic doors and loading systems

SPM Automatic doors includes the following doors, industrial doors scaler sectional, high speed doors, electric shutters and garage doors and loading system also includes a variety of automatic and manual loading ramps, loading tents. All systems and user of the client application manually, pregnant automatic remote control systems, metal, etc. are available.

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