Transparent shutters

Commercial shutters

automatic doors:

Automatic doors that open and close intelligently and automatically, without human intervention.

With the advancement of technology and automation of most activities in any field. Automatic doors have also made great strides in this process. Automatic doors have a variety of applications and types. Automatic shutter doors, this type of sturdy automatic doors with high durability and versatility with blades made of Miscellaneous such as aluminum and galvanized made to maintain heating and cooling energy inside the place is suitable.

Automatic shutters are a good physical protector for the building and using this door is economical and economical. This type of electric door is opened and closed by different types of motors with different capacities depending on the application.

Automatic shutter doors prevent 40% more energy wastage than glass windows, and are well resistant to natural factors such as fire, wind and rain, and in adverse conditions and bad weather.

And even in the event of a power outage, this automatic door will open and close with the help of a release button.

Automatic commercial shutters

Automatic transparent shutters: A type of automatic shutters that can be used in stores, shopping malls, banks ...

From the group of electric shutters, it is resistant to impact and fire.

This type of transparent automatic shutters has full visibility and transparency.

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