Dock Levellers-Dock Shelter

Loading ramp or leveling:

The biggest concern in any industrial workshop is not to damage the raw materials or finished products. Most of the damage that the product suffers during loading or unloading. This is mainly due to the difference between the level of the truck and the load levels.

In this way, automatic loading ramp systems will be very useful. The use of automatic loading ramps not only reduces the load damage on the goods but also minimizes the exchange of energy and heat from the workshop by using loading tents.

Loading ramps or leveling logs can be applied in 6 and 9 tonnages.

The loading or intermediate ramp can meet all the needs of the counter for loading and unloading

With standard dimensions for using forklifts and other lifting systems, Persian Mabna Industry Company can design and produce what the consumer needs according to the standards.

The system, laptop and hydraulic system are designed and block any damage and safety loading. Explosive hose valves provide additional safety to save the ramp system High strength non-welded steel sheets up to 3000 mm are used only loading ramp system without welded sheets. The safety switch is blocked.

Loading ramp design can change your specific requirements.

In this type of loading ramp, load loading surfaces are designed to accurately compensate for height differences between different vibrations. These are cost-effective solutions in your loading programs. Using this system, you can move goods in or out of the truck in one or more movements

. The loading ramp has adjustable hinges. The standard capacity of 6000 kg can be designed depending on the needs of customers

Loading tent:

The biggest concern that every industrial center feels is the lack of heat exchange during unloading and loading of the product. Thus, automatic tent loading systems will be very useful.

Due to the fact that during unloading and loading, the trailer has a distance from the exit of the hall and when the heat exchange door is opened, this distance is accepted, so for this problem and lack of heat and energy exchange, loading tents are used. These tents act as a tunnel between the exit of the hall and the trailer and eliminate any open space during loading.

Loading tents can be used in different ways depending on the installation location and also the type of trailer.

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