cold storage doors

High Speed Cold Storage PVC Door

The refrigerator door is designed for the freezing room of a refrigerator, a separate warehouse, a heat-controlled area specially for the pharmacy, food industry and chemical industry.

The refrigerated door is designed with high speed to reduce energy consumption, insulated doors help reduce temperature losses and accelerate the process.

The refrigerator door is a free maintenance drive with solid design, safety and durability, which is a standard feature of ours.

The SanatPersianMabna team is designing and launching a high-speed, high-speed door to save time and money, and profitability and business management.

Refrigerated Door,:

PVC double-glazed doors with silk woven fibers with special foam

Quick door, industrial doors

Technical characteristics of the quick-release refrigerator door: at a speed of 80 to 130 cm / s up to a dimension of 4.5 * 4.5 meters

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