clean room doors

A clean room is basically an environment For production or scientific and industrial research There are activities taking place in it And in this environment, the amount of environmental pollutants is much lower than usual in a closed environment. Common pollutants include dust, airborne microbes, and the vapor of ambient liquids. More precisely clean room It is an environment with controlled pollution of suspended particles in space In each cubic meter there is a certain number of particles. Clean room door fast In pharmaceutical, medical equipment, automotive, computer, aerospace, food, dairy, optics Made in DVD and electronics, nanotechnology and many other industries.

 These pvc doors with silk woven fibers open at a speed of 80 to 130 cm per second And wind tolerance of 40 to 80 km per hour with standard dimensions up to 4.5 x 4.5 Meters, with the ability to install a variety of metal sensors, radar and optical and a variety of safety sensors.

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