Automatic Barrier


Barriers are a good solution for controlling the entrance of parking lots, warehouses, repair shops and even the entrance of yards. Are considered public. These barriers feature remote control - mode selection key and card readerThey have. Safety and warning systems, such as electronic eyes on the door and flash and sensors on the edge and in the lower part of the arm to increase safety and protection.

Column barrier:


Column barrier diameter: 273 mm

Column barrier height: 700 mm Column barrier wall thickness: 10 mm, Exterior material and facade of AISI 304 Stainless Steel column, Movement time: 6-8 sec, Power required: 3 phases - or single phase in proportion to use

Included :

Hydraulic unit, PLC control box, two-channel loop with cable (metal sensor) Raspour with 2 remotes, up and down push button,2 hydraulic hoses with a length of 5m, hydraulic oil, Valves, LED lights.

Lever barrier: maximum arm length 5M (cutting and use), movement time:3.5 SEC, power required: 3 phase or single phase depending on user ratio

Includes: photocell and flasher, 1 r.t. control, up and down push button.

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