Industrial sectional doors

Industrial sectional doors

Sectional doors have sandwich panels with compressed polyurethane 40 mm thick, double-walled Galvanized, Double zinc, With polyamide paint suitable for harsh weather areas, Antibacterial and best Air and sound insulation.

 Industrial sectional doors (High Lift):

These types of industrial sectional doors move vertically under the roof and then open and close horizontally. These doors work with the engine and spring system, which makes it possible to use the engine with less power. When three-phase power supply is not possible in the project, a single-phase motor is used. This motor has the ability to install ups.

Two types of brakes are used to increase safety:

1-      Spring spring brake: This mechanical brake works if the spring is cut.

2-Governor (brake wire brake): This brake operates when the brace wire is cut. In industrial sectional doors, a special sectional motor is used. Sectional doors can be operated in dimensions of 6500 mm wide and 6500 mm high.

In these doors, there is also the installation of a human door.

In this type of doors, a kind of sensor is installed so that if the engine door is open, the command door will not work.

Does not execute closing In industrial sectional doors, there is the ability to install windows to see and transmit light. This series of doors is used in construction in the parking lot of houses, factory doors, halls and cold stores.




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