Automatic glass doors

Automatic glass doors

Automatic glass door: Automatic glass doors are person-facing doors that have been proven to make many people in different places feel welcome when entering and exiting these types of doors.

This type of door is used in residential and office buildings, stores, public places, hospitals, hotels, etc. Glass doors up to 70% in maintaining the heating and cooling energy of the effective place, as well as glass doors prevent penetration Walnuts, soil, insects and noise enter the premises. Another important issue in glass doors is the lack of handles and prevent the spread of viruses, Germs and other infectious diseases are due to non-contact. Other advantages of automatic glass doors are low wear, compatibility with all types of decorations, low energy consumption, minimum noise, traffic control and passage of people.

Electric glass door:

Technical specifications of glass door: Sliding glass door with unlimited traffic, to maintain the ambient temperature with a beautiful view with

 Multi-mode switches for use when necessary with an electromechanical motor (motor combination and

  Gearbox) with a displacement of 250 kg in the form of slides, rounds, wheels and cornersApplication specifications of glass doors: Applicable in hospitals, entrances of shopping and shopping centers, banks, complexes

Housing, hotels, operating rooms and various wards of hospitals and clinics

Energy saving and ventilation control

Enjoy a beautiful and modern view

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